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As a 501(c)(3) non-profit we sustain our organization and community outreach programs through grants, donations, and our low-cost memberships. We thank you for your support!

Our ListoMaker Plus membership is our premiere all access pass to the learning center. This membership level grants anytime access to ListoAmerica during open hours.  Benefits include unlimited access to all designated areas of the center, mentoring, monthly workshops, school supplies, a customized monthly learning profile that tracks progress and skills gained at our center...and so much more!

Only $299 per month

Our day pass is good for one day use and is ideal for members who can not attend the center on a regular basis. The day pass includes most benefits of our Plus level membership with the exception of our individual progress tracking.

New Price Only $49 per day

Similar to our Plus membership, the ListoMaker level provides access to our center and most of the benefits of the Plus program with access limited to once per week. This is ideal for families looking for a one day program during the week plus benefits.

Only $149 per month

Our award winning Clubhouse program is our philanthropic effort in providing free or reduced cost innovative after school programs for teens living in uder-served communities or in need of financial assistance. Anyone wishing to join The Clubhouse program must prove financial need through their school's Free or Reduced School Lunch Program and qualify under the Income Eligibility Guidelines. Open to members ages 12 - 17 Sign Up!

We are now serving the Homeschool Community in Orange County! We are an approved vendor for various Homeschool Charter Schools for kids and teens ages 8 - 17.


Our homeschool programs run for small groups of students from Monday through Thursday  from 11 am to 1 pm. Fall 2019 Groups now forming.

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  • We've gathered some of the most common questions asked about or program here for your convenience. If you have other questions not mentioned here please contact us. We would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have.

  • What will my kid/teen learn?

    There is so much to learn at ListoAmerica! Our programs are unlike traditional schooling or other after-school programs. We have a different and unique approach to learning. While school may be described as a "one size fits all model" we focused on the individual member as opposed to a class. Members learn interesting STEAM topics by build projects of their own interest and with the help and guidance from adult mentors. We do offer workshops on a weekly-basis but these are skill building workshops that allow members to further work on their own projects.


    Projects and activities are always open-ended through interest-driven learning, and recorded in a portfolio each-month.

    Topics include coding, augmented and virtual reality, 3D modeling and 3D printing, robotics, electronics, arts and crafts, raspberry pi, microbit, Lego, graphic design, film, music studio, multimedia and much more!




  • What are the activities and projects?

    Every project and activity is unique to each member. Let's suppose your kid or teen has a passion for skateboarding. We then take that interest and let the member explore skateboarding through STEAM activities. So as an example, an activity or project might be to design a skatepark and in doing so the member learns 3D modeling software. The member can then see their design in virtual reality and make further edits. Another activity might be designing an app related to skateboarding such as building an app that ranks skateparks around a community.


    We merge members interest and imagination with high-end technologies and making STEAM learning relevant to our members lives.


  • How does ListoAmerica assess learning?

    ListoAmerica does not give out grades or tests members like they would in a school. Instead we acknowledge skills gained through our Individual Tracking System (IOT) form and our Listo Badging System (currently in development). Our tracking system records what projects, technologies, and activities each member has worked on each month. Badges acknowledge competency in a specific technology or soft skill.